Downloads area is now open

Downloads area is now open

In relation to our products, we’ve had a high number of download requests for user created files related to our products, whether they be aircraft.cfg file modifications or additional paintchemes. We are now offering the original authors the option to upload files for everyone to download and enjoy.

File uploads are only accepted in zip and rar file format, the maximum file size is currently set at 20mb. If your having any difficulties uploading the files then please contact support for additional help. Lastly, if you do download any of the files from our site, please rate and comment on the files and show support to the authors – after all they deserve it.

To download and upload content from our new downloads section you can either go to our forums and then click on the Downloads link presented or click here!

Please note that vstudios offer no support for user created files, use at your own risk. Prior to installing or making any alterations to our product files vstudios and the file author strongly advise that you make backups prior to incorporating any downloaded content.

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