Spad 7 release date

Spad 7 release date

Good news…The spad 7 will be released on Friday 28th November. Your able to view the product details listed on the following page :

The bad news is, we’ve had to hold off on a couple of items that was going to be packaged up with the Spad 7. The first item that won’t make it to release date is the TacPack. The reason behind this is we’re still awaiting the the variables for the new weapons that VRS are adding. The second item that won’t make it in to the initial release is the Stow Maries airfield, Craig who has been painstakingly putting the airfield together is lost his inet connection and hasn’t been seen for over 3 weeks.

Rest assured that once any of the above items are finished we will release them in service packs.

vstudios admin team.

Vertigo Studios