Vans RV8 / F8F & F9F patches

Vans RV8 / F8F & F9F patches

Currently we’re closing in on the release of the Vans RV8 which will be released this month (November 2011)

Most importantly, I’d like to thank the customers that have stuck by us regarding the patches for the F8F Bearcat and the F9F Panther. I’ll be the first to admit that these have taken far far to long to long to be fixed and released.

I personally made a promise to customers that the infamous patches WILL be released. To cut a long story short, we was unable to get the corrections completed and released do to issues that was out of our control. However the good news is that we now have the means to get them finally completed.

But there’s one thing that many customers don’t understand and that 99% of all companies in the 21st century outsources work to skilled people around the world, as soon as communications start to break down it’s a companies worst nightmare to get certain files from the people that have worked on a product. That being said, you can be rest assured that this won’t be happening anytime soon in the future.

We won’t be giving a release date for the patches just yet as there’s a lot of back peddling needed in order to being the updates for public consumptiom, all that I ask is that you stand by us whislt we get to work on them.

From everyone at vstudios I’d like to wish everyone in the US a Happy Thanks Giving.

Vertigo Studios