Vans RV8 Release closing in

Vans RV8 Release closing in

The vstudios team is working relentlessly to have a release very shortly (currently in Final Beta)

The product page is now live which shows 12 in-game screenshots showcasing the cockpit, external model and the configuration panel. Additionally, the product page gives details on all current features accompanied by the price for the Vans Rv8, which I’m sure a lot of you will be happy with.

I hope the price tag compliments the product especially with it being our first entry into the GA (General Aviation) market as we’re currently looking into more GA aircraft for future development. If a particular GA aircraft is missing and deserves the right to be Flight Simulator X, please send in your list of possibles and probables.

More news to be announced shortly, watch this space.

Vans RV8 & RV8a

Dean G – CEO

Vertigo Studios