Vans RV8 Patch 1.1 released

Vans RV8 Patch 1.1 released

The patch is now ready for consumption.

NOTE : Before running the installer, backup any alterations you have made in a safe place and then uninstall the Vans.

The uninstall can be located here : Start > All Programs > Vertigo Studios > Vans RV8 > Uninstall

Prior to running the new installer, double check that the vans has totally be removed from the following location : C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanes

If any of the Vans folders remain delete them manually before running the 1.1 installer.

The same Installation key will work with your new installer.

The new installer is only available at

If you have purchased the Vans RV8 from a store other than pcsimstore, it may take a while for the files to be uploaded by the store admin.

Now I’m off to bed, feeling horrid today (man flu)

Soon as I get confirmation back from the 3rd part stores I’ll make an official announcement via a newsletter.


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